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Our personal trainers are certified in a wide range of specialties and disciplines to help you challenge yourself and push your potential to a healthy level of fitness. Whether you are considering training to improve performance, increase mobility, rehabilitate an injury or to periodically check-in on your overall progress, our personal trainers will keep you motivated and accountable to achieve and exceed your health and fitness goals.

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Where to Start? The Polar BodyAge™ System (VI Fitness Exclusive)

The Polar BodyAge™ System is more than a fitness assessment, it’s a whole new way of measuring your overall fitness level and showing you how healthy you can be. This advanced method of fitness assessment is exclusive to VI Fitness across Vancouver Island.

The BodyAge™ assessment takes into account a number of health and fitness markers including your strength, flexibility, percentage of body fat, nutrition, cardiovascular fitness and more to calculate the fitness level of your body. This system provides you with a current BodyAge™ score — a personalized fitness profile of where you are today – and your obtainable BodyAge™ score. At the end of your BodyAge™ assessment, you are provided with a starting point to benchmark your progress towards becoming a younger healthier you!pt2

Example: A member could be 35 years old with a BodyAge™ score of 21 years old. This would indicate that the member is in great health and allows our certified personal trainers to develop a workout program tailored to that fitness level.

Example: Another member could be 35 years old with a BodyAge™ score of 45 years old.  This shows there is a path to improve the member’s fitness level, and our certified personal trainers will have a clear starting point to develop a plan to track your progress and knock years off your BodyAge™ score.

Customized Training tailored to your Polar BodyAge™ Score

Our certified personal trainers will use your BodyAge™ results to design a completely customized training program for you and your goals.  So if you think that shredding a few inches off your waist, completing your first 10km race or having renewed strength and energy to keep up with your kids would feel good, imagine how great you will feel when you take a few years off your BodyAge™.

Book your BodyAge™ assessment today and see for yourself!

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