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Meagan Steeves

As the goaltender on my soccer team I was always pushed hard to be the best. the last line of defense is an important role to play in soccer. Try to think of yourself as the last person standing in the way between all of the barriers being shot at you and your fitness goals. You can imagine why it takes training and focus to stop those shots. Time, lack of motivation, tiredness and low self esteem are all hard shots to stop, and I get that…But from my own experience, I know that not allowing them to slip past you is the key to success.

Maybe you have heard all the rave from exercise specialists about how exercise is good for you? I am on their side! Through my experiences I have learned that physical activity impacts the body in more ways than you can imagine. Whether you are interested in improving you strength, losing weight, boosting you energy and focus or to make daily living  little bit easier – I am here to make exercise more manageable for you. Let’s create a plan that you can stick to, that’s fun and also pushes your body and mind.


Bachelor of Kinesiology

First Aid and CPR


Alexandra Mikellis

The 80’s aerobic explosion was Alexandra’s first introduction to the fitness industry. Becoming certified in Group Fitness and adopting Jane Fonda style choreography into her classes became a fun way to teach and burn calories. Taking an interest in strength training she became certified as a Persona Trainer and always takes a keen interest in her client’s success as well are her own. After losing 70 lbs and adopting a new healthy lifestyle, she realized she couldn’t go back and takes her health and fitness regime very seriously. But still finds laughter a great tool.


Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor Specialist

Older Adult Specialist

First Aid and AED Certified

Chronic Conditions and Motivational Leadership

Chantelle Long

Growing up in New Zealand playing competitive sports and professional rugby, health and fitness have always been a big passion of mine. After being diagnosed with and recovering from a life threatening illness, Lyme Disease, I knew that I wanted to help others overcome health related obstacles. We all experience setbacks in life and I believe how we respond to these determine who we are and what we can achieve, which is why I choose to take a holistic approach to Personal Training, strengthening the mind, body and soul.


Personal Trainer

Fitness Nutritionist

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Running Trainer


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