Your Cardio, Your Goals


We all work out for different reasons, the goals we set for ourselves are what motivate us to push harder and train more efficiently. It is not motivating to dedicate time and effort and not see the results we want. There are so many options and varieties of cardio that it can be difficult to determine which ones benefit your fitness goals most. Here are some suggested cardio workouts based on your goals!

GOAL: Burn Fat

Cardio is known to be one of the most efficient ways to blast fat and slim down. However, cardio only gets you so far. You must create a calorie deficit to fully see the benefits to incorporating cardio into your fitness routine. According to a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, aerobic training is believed to be more efficient than resistance training when it comes to burning fat.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has also created a lot of traction in the fitness industry. The alternation between high intensity exercise and low-intensity exercise has been deemed highly effective in burning unwanted fat. The bottom line is that it is important that you enjoy the type of cardio you are doing, you are more likely to stick to your cardio long-term if you enjoy the process.

  • Walking (simple yet effective, great for beginners)
  • Cycling (good low impact alternative)
  • Running
  • Swimming (also low impact and works nearly all muscle groups)
  • Rowing (total body workout, calorie burner)

GOAL: Get Toned

Whether you want to achieve a toned stomach, legs, arms, or entire body, there is a combination of cardio and resistance training that is needed. To have a toned body means to have a certain amount of muscle in addition to having a low body fat percentage. Having a well-planned workout is key in attaining this type of physic. Cardio is needed to burn that extra fat covering your muscles, but in addition to this, weight training is critical in increasing muscle mass and muscle appearance. It is recommended that at least 150 minutes of cardio is preformed weekly alongside strength training a least twice weekly.

  • Squat Jumps (burn fat and tone leg muscles)
  • Boot Camps (full body workout that focuses on torching fat and increasing strength)
  • Circuit Training (high-intensity aerobics)
  • Spot Jogging (can be done at home and boots endurance)

GOAL: Build Muscle

Although weight training is key in the process of building muscle mass, certain types of cardio can also produce results. Cardio is sometimes given a bad rep by bodybuilders due to misleading information that it can result in muscle loss. Because cardio increases your blood flow which speeds muscle recovery, resistance training preformed in combination with cardio can actually quicken your muscle building results as the recovery process is faster.

  • Treadmill (walking on incline can help you lose body fat and build lean muscle)
  • Stair Stepper (doubles at building and toning your legs)
  • Hiking (take it outside to the great outdoors)
  • Jumping Rope

GOAL: Increase Endurance key

Consistency is vital in any fitness endeavour; this is especially true when your goal is to increase endurance. To build endurance means to put in the time it takes to push yourself further than the time before. So, if you’re going to dedicate time doing cardio it may as well be a kind that you enjoy! But be sure to switch it up, keeping your workouts fresh and new will help keep motivation levels up.

Challenge yourself to new levels and the results will follow.

  • Jogging
  • Sports (e.g. soccer, basketball, rugby, etc.)
  • Bicycling (Attend spin class or take it outside)
  • Dance Aerobics
  • Trampoline (Great way to get some exercise and spend some time with the kids)