How To Stay Motivated this Year

New Year’s Resolution’s can be difficult to keep but once you get past the first 60 days you’ll find yourself with a rewarding lifestyle change. Motivation is key to keep you on track so here are some ideas to help keep you motivated!

  • Make a plan so you have structured workouts to follow
  • Choose exercises you enjoy
  • Find a workout buddy
  • Start a workout journal to keep track of your progress
  • Buy a new pair of runners or an outfit to feel good in while you workout
  • Set goals! You could get a couple of friend’s together and set group goals or have a little healthy competition
  • Pick an outfit you want to fit into for the Spring/Summer and hang it up where you’ll see it daily. (Be realistic with the goal)
  • Take a before photo. We see ourselves 10lbs bigger then we actually are so a picture will help you be realistic. Remember to take photos periodically so you can compare and see your progress.
  • Reward yourself for completing your goals

And remember this is a lifestyle change; it will be hard at times but keep motivated and have fun with it!


Jennifer Heppell, Can Fit Pro Certified
Personal Training Manager
VI Fitness Centres – Westshore

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