The Importance of Stretching

Over time our bodies lose flexibility when we do not stretch regularly. Stretching increases our flexibility, mobility, range of motion and body alignment. It will also help alleviate mind body stress and post workout soreness by distributing the lactic acid build up throughout the body. You can do light active (dynamic) stretching to get your body ready for your upcoming workout. Stretch after your workout for a cool down and to increase your flexibility.

A few helpful tips for stretching:

  • Stretch the muscle groups you trained that day.
  • Hold each stretch for a minimum of 30-60 seconds. (Longer the better)
  • Remove your shoes when stretching on the mat to allow for a greater range of motion
  • Keep your breath even, in through your nose and out through your mouth, to reduce heart rate and create a relaxed, stress free body.
  • Use stretching tools to help you improve your flexibility (foam pads, cloth bands, wooden bar, foam rollers etc.)
  • Incorporate Group Fitness classes such as Yoga and Group Centergy into your weekly fitness routine to gain a better understanding of proper form and technique

– Jennifer

Jennifer Heppell, Can Fit Pro Certified
Personal Training Manager
VI Fitness Centres – Westshore

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